Geocaching in the heat

So there we where the heat was rising. High today was supposed to hit mid 90s. We had a little under a mile to the farthest cache. I looked at Daisy and told her well if we head to the farthest one first, this way we can work our way back. First though we had to get past our first blockade

It was hard work but we finally made it past it. Smooth sailing here on out girl. Boy this walk sure seems to be taking longer than I thought it would. Better check the GPSr OK so far so good we’re still heading in the right direction and the distance is counting down. Come here girl want some water? We don’t want you over heating already.

MMM theres a fork in the road and the GPSr is pointing that way. Away from the main trail Well guess we’re taking the road less traveled.

Road less traveled

OK we’re getting closer down to under a quarter mile now sure hope we don’t have to go down this trail to far. Guess I spoke to soon looks like we’re bushwhacking it for the last five hundred feet. After what seems like an hour the trail opens up to view to die for. Now this is why I love it out here.

Now a little farther on we pop out onto a trail. Looking it over and looking at the GPSr I realize this is the main trail we where on earlier. Dah!! oh but look I see the prize!!!!! up we go maybe twenty feet from the trail is the cache. Now the only problem I have is all the TICS!!! There all over me up one leg down the other. Whats that on my neck? Yep its a tic. nasty buggers this is the one thing I hate about the woods is the tics.

Well all in all it was a good geocaching day out of thirteen caches. Found twelve most where what are called park and grabs. How I hate those but that’s for a different day. mmm whats that on my leg?? oh great another tic.

This is all mine

mowing the lawn

So decided that I should be responsible and instead of going out in the woods would mow the lawn. Big mistake well not really its just that I have started to hate my lawn mower. Now this lawn isn’t the biggest lawn around but it does take a while to mow. What makes it bad is if I stop mowing for what ever reason I than have to take a break not because I want to but because the stupid mower wont start again. I’ve had this thing back in the shop just about every year I’ve had it and every time seems like it comes back worse than before.

I’m about ready to take it back and shove it up the store owners ass. I will never buy a Husqvarna again. Never had this many problems with my craftsman mower. Funny thing every time it goes into the shop when I get it back. I ask what was wrong with it? their replay is usually “I don’t know”.

Now I don’t want to do anything else and I really should start on the shop, or maybe get some of the stuff the Mrs wants hung up.

Mongo Log:So ju…

Mongo Log:

So just checked the mail only thing in there was my meds to help me stop smoking. Was asked what happens when I tried before and told them I get grumpy least according to the Mrs so they sent some weird pills for me to take also. Now just have to stop by the VA so they can explain how this refill stuff works

Should be interesting to see how this works out.

Getting Started

Hello world. I’m hoping you will enjoy your visit here. I will be posting about my many adventures. Mostly it will be some of the things going on in my life or the life of my altar ego. My altar ego lives for geocaching. If he could make a living doing it he would.

Well just wanted to get started here more will come soon. So stay tuned